Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Who Are You...?

Hmm.. its been a while I have not posted anything in my blog. So today I thought of spending few of my valuable (?) hours and make you bored than before.
All these post are just spot on… so let me think a bit about today’s post.

O.K. here it is…. What is your identity?

What is my identity… DNA… a simple+complex nucleic acid with a chain of instruction.
Looks odd... but that is the fact.

But what I’m supposed to answer was not in biological terms. So to give you a better understanding with the help of “Coffee with Anu” - a T.V. program.

Anu: Who are you…?

Cho Ramaswamy: A man in search of his Identity…..

How powerful and intensive this reply is…. So I’m asking the same question to myself….

Who are you….?

And the reply I got after few minutes was….

A Stone Age man, who is searching the whole universe only for his happiness….

After framed this sentence the first word came into my mind was…. Interesting….

Let me broke this sentence into bits and pieces, which helps you to understand the core behind this…

A Stone Age man: A person who only cares about their parents… Wife… Children… close Friends…. Siblings….and I belong to this - Another pure fully sealed selfish gene you found in this planet. These are all my questions I want to put while saying these… Why should I care about someone wounded or suffered in USA…? Why should I think about bomb attack or flight highjack happened in Europe or Afghanistan? Or even LTTE vs. Sri Lankan Government Issue? You may say humanity… But it does not feed or give a penny to me or my surrounds. It just nothing… a void space. What it will give me or at least….

So I don’t want to be Mahatma or Mother Theresa…. I want to stick with my game…

Second piece, only for his (my) happiness, What is my happiness and what makes me happy? Simple it is not fixed. As a Stone Age man, happiness lives with the people around him. Feel happy and proud to serve to my people. I can do things right for me rather than doing right things. And the happiness really affects by the surroundings… I like talking with few of my beloved friends…

But it depends on the context and the time. Means one day I can talk Topic A with Friend Z but not ready to talk with Friend X and another day I can talk the same topic with Friend X.

I like to be unpredictable.

Final piece, searching the whole universe…. Am I really deal with whole universe… mmm not really but my happiness is expanding across the universe.

These pieces doesn’t make much interesting after I broke it…. Hmm but thats a way it goes...

Just think of yourself… WHO ARE YOU…? Be fair to yourself atleast… and if you are bold enough just post the reply in comments….

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