Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hero of the Universe

A new super hero....

More powerful than ever...
More vulnerable than ever.....
More skillful than ever...
More helpful than ever....

He is not just for this planet....

Stay active for more info.......

Friday, September 25, 2009

Evolution or Growth

Its almost a month since i blogged.... i will not say i do not have time... as i believe if you want to, then you can...

From the past one month, there were lot of drastic changes happened... lemme explain each by each...

1. I got job, as a technical consultant.....
2. The company is relatively new so i have lot of responsibilities to handle....
3. Soon after i had traveled to Hong Kong for a project.

Will right about this first Hong Kong trip in a separate post.... :P

As like others, i was also happy when i got a job with nice package. But soon this happiness space is occupied by responsibilities....

When i came to know about my role, i was quite surprise and shock, because, it notifies me that, you are not a child or college student anymore and you are become part of the existing grown-up's world. Use strategic thinking more, use positive and negative analysis on everything you are going to proceed. Simply, use your brain.

But it is not that easy, because i lost my brain somewhere along my school life itself(roughly around 10 years before). So i'm in the process of searching for it, some where inside my head, on the top of the head, back side of the head, some where there, a bigger one, some what visible one, at least a molecule. Hmm... Its been really a hard task to identify the brain. Still the search is going on....

In the mean time, i was boarded in one project and flew to Hong Kong.... Poor client, they never get chance to know that, i lost my brain long back and searching for it. :D

At present, the search is still performing.... I will get that if i complete the project successfully. But for that i need brain....

OMG its a deadlock.... :(

Friday, August 28, 2009

Hollywood vs Kollywood+Tollywood

I'm back... :D

Its been a while i blabbered . For every action there will be some reason behind. In my case it was movies.

Over the few weeks i was watching quite a lot of movies. As usual most of them are from Hollywood. I got some time to watch Bollywood, Kollywood and Tollywood. To be clear for the ROW (Rest of the World), these woods are language based ones. Hindi, Tamil and Telugu respectively.

Happy to see some improvements in tamil and telugu industry. I didnt commit similar words with hindi because, they are well ahead of the other two.

Initially i was thinking why tamil or telugu films are not upto the hollywood mark. In terms of stories, technologies.

I got the answer bit late, means once i became addict to the movies. The answer was simple which i learned by myself. It was,

* Level of Audience - For english movies there are lot of people around the world. But for these regional movies, it is less.

* Audience Taste - In hollywood movies, anyone can win, villan or hero, those are accepted by Audience. But in the case of regional, "Villan Must Die" and Hero should remain as a hero. So those Negative Stories did not succeed or either, the hero's will not accept those stories.

* Chances to Take Second Part - Its a common one in hollywood, If a movie was good then you can expect a second and third part of that movie. How it is possible, as i said earlier, there is a possibility for villan to succeed. So they can push everyone to next parts. In regional ones, the Villan would be killed by the hero, so chances are less in fact in minus.

* Movie is for what - As a politically corrupted nation, most of the movies are to make the black money to a white one. (I'm thinking of writing a post about how to swept corruption out of India.. Soon i will post)

* Creativity Level of the Technicians behind the movies - Its very visible that, lot of new directors and associate directors are lacking creativity in indian film industry. Their movies are just wasting the time and money. If one movie was a hit, soon u can find similar movies around. Very few of them are thinking out of box. It shows the level of thinking.

* Heroism - A very common one in the regional films. Build-ups, Punch dialogs, Openning Songs and so on... which are not required for the story.

* RELATIONSHIPS - The most lacking one in indian film industry. It is affected very badly by heroism. In the recent past there was a no single movie where to great guns played together, same with the heroines.

These are the strong facts which ruined and ruining the regional film industry. I lost myself when i was thinking about No.1 spot or Super Star status. I dont think any of these Alias means anything to the present generation. As they are concentrating on stories rather than the heros. Some good improvements i found in the regional ground as lot of young new faces performing well and also recognized.

I didnt included Bollywood in this Pin Points because, they are improved themselves a lot both in stories and technologies.

Will discuss about the differences of regional world separately.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Superlative life…..

I thought of looking myself a bit. Something which I missed to identify… something which I can re-configure… something I can re-examine …..

I started about my targets, the anticipated targets… What exactly I’m expecting when I really looking for it. The reply is “The BEST of all….” Why do I need a best of all… or a supreme one. Why don’t I start with a normal one? If I achieved the best level then I might not touch more than the best.

I like examples while discussing, so…

In running race first time if I ran 100 meters in 9.3 seconds (9.69 is world record as of now) then that will be the records. Then after say I can improve up to 9 seconds (practically, its not possible to run 100 meters in 8 or 7 seconds). So the improvement is 0.3 second for years and years of my practice and efforts. Is it a great improvement?

But mostly human mentality likes to achieve the peak at the very first attempt. Then they got bored soon, because of nothing much improvement.

If there is no thing in a proper improvement(sudden change), the system will affect very badly. Think, Today the baby was born and tomorrow if the baby become a 10 year old boy/girl. do you really feel happ...?

In scientific terms, A sudden change will affect everyone involved in your life environment. A inconsistent growth of our cells leads to cancer… inconsistent growth of the fruits and vegetables will be bitter than what actually it is… An inconsistent change of environment never support animals and leads them to death.

So think whether you want to be the very best at the initial stage or need a excitement and proper consistent growth.

In a ladder you go step by step… and even if you slip at one place you will go down one or two step. But where as in terms of pole vault you will fly to the top very soon… and also you come down faster than you flew.

A consistent growth will helps you to stay at the top for a long period of time, and also gives time to adopt to the situation and act accordingly.

What I like to see my life is…

Need a consistent growth. Which keeps me motivates and tries to be active all the time. Think of yourself.

If you are looking for a superlative life, think twice…. After all its your life….

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Who Are You...?

Hmm.. its been a while I have not posted anything in my blog. So today I thought of spending few of my valuable (?) hours and make you bored than before.
All these post are just spot on… so let me think a bit about today’s post.

O.K. here it is…. What is your identity?

What is my identity… DNA… a simple+complex nucleic acid with a chain of instruction.
Looks odd... but that is the fact.

But what I’m supposed to answer was not in biological terms. So to give you a better understanding with the help of “Coffee with Anu” - a T.V. program.

Anu: Who are you…?

Cho Ramaswamy: A man in search of his Identity…..

How powerful and intensive this reply is…. So I’m asking the same question to myself….

Who are you….?

And the reply I got after few minutes was….

A Stone Age man, who is searching the whole universe only for his happiness….

After framed this sentence the first word came into my mind was…. Interesting….

Let me broke this sentence into bits and pieces, which helps you to understand the core behind this…

A Stone Age man: A person who only cares about their parents… Wife… Children… close Friends…. Siblings….and I belong to this - Another pure fully sealed selfish gene you found in this planet. These are all my questions I want to put while saying these… Why should I care about someone wounded or suffered in USA…? Why should I think about bomb attack or flight highjack happened in Europe or Afghanistan? Or even LTTE vs. Sri Lankan Government Issue? You may say humanity… But it does not feed or give a penny to me or my surrounds. It just nothing… a void space. What it will give me or at least….

So I don’t want to be Mahatma or Mother Theresa…. I want to stick with my game…

Second piece, only for his (my) happiness, What is my happiness and what makes me happy? Simple it is not fixed. As a Stone Age man, happiness lives with the people around him. Feel happy and proud to serve to my people. I can do things right for me rather than doing right things. And the happiness really affects by the surroundings… I like talking with few of my beloved friends…

But it depends on the context and the time. Means one day I can talk Topic A with Friend Z but not ready to talk with Friend X and another day I can talk the same topic with Friend X.

I like to be unpredictable.

Final piece, searching the whole universe…. Am I really deal with whole universe… mmm not really but my happiness is expanding across the universe.

These pieces doesn’t make much interesting after I broke it…. Hmm but thats a way it goes...

Just think of yourself… WHO ARE YOU…? Be fair to yourself atleast… and if you are bold enough just post the reply in comments….

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cooking.... :)

At some point of life... almost everyone needs to try out this... Some are experts and many are not. I does not mean that they do not cook well, their profession is different from the cooking... I'm also included in this...

But when the situation calls... i was forced to prove that i can cook well, atleast to myself. O.K. Let me tell you the result first. I cooked really well, much better than the hotels i had, and of course not so good than my mom.

What ever i'm doing, whether it is a new task or a routine one, i'm learning something new everytime. I belive in this. So what i learned from this.

First, I have an alternate job.... ha ha ha.. just kidding....

The real first one is, Keep your interest level high... even though it may be a failure... but still keep the interest level up.. so that will push you for a second try....

hmmm so it means you are looking for negative results...?

Not exactly, it means, you are not sure about the final result and not bother about it as well and looking further more into what you are doing and enjoying it. So even if the final result is a failed one... still you have the hope to try next time.

Second thing, Analyze yourself before showing it to other, Have a bold self assessment.

Let me explain a bit.... It means, at each points, think what you have achived so far and how plan how to push to next point.... once you get a shape, try to assess your work, are YOU Satisfied with the work you did, before asking others. How much confident you have... those kind of assessment. Becasue, first you need to like it... admire your work.... then only others can like it... these assessment should be fair... it is to self... so be frank to yourself.

Last thing i got is.... Even if you made a crappy thing, present it well. Presentation impress the audience. So decorate the work... like the way i did my blog... :P

Ok these are all very general to other work... in terms of cooking what i learnt....

one.... i can cook really well... if i spend some time more in the kitchen rather than roaming around the web....

second... keep a backup... :P
yes.. initial one... i added so much salt... i used the technique which i learned from my friend.... put pottatos inside the salty dish and keep it for few mins... the pottato will suck the salt well...

Cooking is an ART.... i really enjoyed cooking....


Its time to cook.... catch you all soon with another stupid topic....

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kalaivani..... Dedicating this to my friend with the same name....

This one is really nice and special thanks to the owner of the content....

Superb! Tamil woman in U.S. - nice blog article... read it when u need a break...really superb...!

The following is an excerpt from a blog (written by an Indian in America )

Wednesday, September 28, 2005
En per padum paadu!!!

My full name is Kalaivani, but I call myself Kalai. This is not for scene, how Madhavan does in Anbe Sivam (Anbarasu --> Ars).it has a looooong and pathetic history...
I started hearing different versions of my name after coming to this country, and the painful fact is all the possible permutations and combinations of vowels in my name give meaningful words in tamil!!!

When I first joined the university, my professor wrote to me..
Dear KALAvani (meaning: thief; context: kalavani paya..)
.... ... ...
Sari adhuvachum typo nu free ya vittudalam..
Then after a year, I joined a company for internship.those people called me before I joined, to inform me about some test which I had to take..
"Hello is this Ms. Kizhavaani?" (meaning: old; context : kizha bolt..etc.)
"No..this is KALAIvaani"
" sorry KALAvaani" (Marupadiyum. ..)
Then I decided.periya pera irukkinala thane ivlo confusion?!! So, I started calling myself 'Kalai'... but the story continued..
I joined my full-time position in another company recently. On my first day, we had a meeting..
"Let's all welcome our new associate.Ms. Kulai" (meaning: bunch; context: kulai kulaiyai vazhaipazham kaaithadhu)
CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! Followed by smiles.
(Dei.ennangada. .. ellarum serndhu comedy panreengala? ??)
Anniku arambichadhu. ..
Once my boss and I were talking about a project... after finishing the meeting...
"Ok, Kali. Nice to have you here!" (meaning: last yuga; context: kali muthi pochu.)
"That's KALAI" (Enakku idhu thevaya?!)
"Ohh kAALi?" (meaning: goddess; context: badrakaali.. )
"Hee hee .very close" (Podaannnggg. ..!!)
So, I stopped correcting my name after that..!
One fine morning, I was working.
"Hey kiLai (meaning: branch; context: marakiLai) .howz it going?"
"Yea good" (Sollitu thirumbitten. Nammaluku edhuku indha per thiruthura business nu...)
"Is that how you say your name?"
(Aaahaa arambichutanya. ..!!!)
"Uhhh. It's KALAI"
"Kolaai?" (meaning:pump; context: kozhai adi sandai.)
(Venaaammm.. .)
"Kolai?" (meaning: murder; context: kolai panniduven.. )
"kaLai?" (meaning: weed; context: kaLai pudunguradhu.)
(Valikkudhu. .. azhudhuduven. ..)
"May be I'll get your name with practice. Haha."
(Idhellam remba over da dei... Tamil la paatha rende rendu ezhuthu thaan da!!!)
Ennada, Chandramukhi la thalaivar 'durga' perai nakkaladikkira maathiri... namma per ayiduche nu nenaikkum podhu... my friend came up with a brilliant idea!
Adhavadhu... to compare my name with a I started using this word 'kaleidoscope' ; which has the same pronunciation as 'kalai'!
So, I started telling everyone. 'Kalai as in kaleidoscope' !. Ippo kooda romba ellam ozhunga solradhulla. They are saying 'kalaai' (kalaaikiradhu)..
"Hey Kalaai!!"
"Just trying to say your name. Ha ha ha"
"Ohhh sweet!" (thooo thEri..)
Yedho vaandhi edukkira effect la per irundhalum.. . my life was in peace... until few days back...
My net connection was down, so I called up the customer service (En kiragam. Madras call center ku pochu!)
Enakku andha vishayame theriyala. So I started in complete American accent...
"Your name ma'am?"
"What? Can you repeat ma'am?"
" Kalaai as in kaleidoscope"
"I didn't get that ma'am. Can I have your number? I can check the records"
(Sigh!... and gave the number)
"Ohh, Kalaivani, right?" (in a sarcastic tone.)
( Ada paavi makka... nee nammooora??! !! All American accents stopped. Back to Indian accent.)
I could clearly see what he was thinking... per paatha 'urs pammingly' nu podra category maathiri irukku... scene podradhu mattum princess Diana range kaa...
"Anna... naan sathyama andha maathiri illeeengana. ..