Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Superlative life…..

I thought of looking myself a bit. Something which I missed to identify… something which I can re-configure… something I can re-examine …..

I started about my targets, the anticipated targets… What exactly I’m expecting when I really looking for it. The reply is “The BEST of all….” Why do I need a best of all… or a supreme one. Why don’t I start with a normal one? If I achieved the best level then I might not touch more than the best.

I like examples while discussing, so…

In running race first time if I ran 100 meters in 9.3 seconds (9.69 is world record as of now) then that will be the records. Then after say I can improve up to 9 seconds (practically, its not possible to run 100 meters in 8 or 7 seconds). So the improvement is 0.3 second for years and years of my practice and efforts. Is it a great improvement?

But mostly human mentality likes to achieve the peak at the very first attempt. Then they got bored soon, because of nothing much improvement.

If there is no thing in a proper improvement(sudden change), the system will affect very badly. Think, Today the baby was born and tomorrow if the baby become a 10 year old boy/girl. do you really feel happ...?

In scientific terms, A sudden change will affect everyone involved in your life environment. A inconsistent growth of our cells leads to cancer… inconsistent growth of the fruits and vegetables will be bitter than what actually it is… An inconsistent change of environment never support animals and leads them to death.

So think whether you want to be the very best at the initial stage or need a excitement and proper consistent growth.

In a ladder you go step by step… and even if you slip at one place you will go down one or two step. But where as in terms of pole vault you will fly to the top very soon… and also you come down faster than you flew.

A consistent growth will helps you to stay at the top for a long period of time, and also gives time to adopt to the situation and act accordingly.

What I like to see my life is…

Need a consistent growth. Which keeps me motivates and tries to be active all the time. Think of yourself.

If you are looking for a superlative life, think twice…. After all its your life….

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