Friday, August 28, 2009

Hollywood vs Kollywood+Tollywood

I'm back... :D

Its been a while i blabbered . For every action there will be some reason behind. In my case it was movies.

Over the few weeks i was watching quite a lot of movies. As usual most of them are from Hollywood. I got some time to watch Bollywood, Kollywood and Tollywood. To be clear for the ROW (Rest of the World), these woods are language based ones. Hindi, Tamil and Telugu respectively.

Happy to see some improvements in tamil and telugu industry. I didnt commit similar words with hindi because, they are well ahead of the other two.

Initially i was thinking why tamil or telugu films are not upto the hollywood mark. In terms of stories, technologies.

I got the answer bit late, means once i became addict to the movies. The answer was simple which i learned by myself. It was,

* Level of Audience - For english movies there are lot of people around the world. But for these regional movies, it is less.

* Audience Taste - In hollywood movies, anyone can win, villan or hero, those are accepted by Audience. But in the case of regional, "Villan Must Die" and Hero should remain as a hero. So those Negative Stories did not succeed or either, the hero's will not accept those stories.

* Chances to Take Second Part - Its a common one in hollywood, If a movie was good then you can expect a second and third part of that movie. How it is possible, as i said earlier, there is a possibility for villan to succeed. So they can push everyone to next parts. In regional ones, the Villan would be killed by the hero, so chances are less in fact in minus.

* Movie is for what - As a politically corrupted nation, most of the movies are to make the black money to a white one. (I'm thinking of writing a post about how to swept corruption out of India.. Soon i will post)

* Creativity Level of the Technicians behind the movies - Its very visible that, lot of new directors and associate directors are lacking creativity in indian film industry. Their movies are just wasting the time and money. If one movie was a hit, soon u can find similar movies around. Very few of them are thinking out of box. It shows the level of thinking.

* Heroism - A very common one in the regional films. Build-ups, Punch dialogs, Openning Songs and so on... which are not required for the story.

* RELATIONSHIPS - The most lacking one in indian film industry. It is affected very badly by heroism. In the recent past there was a no single movie where to great guns played together, same with the heroines.

These are the strong facts which ruined and ruining the regional film industry. I lost myself when i was thinking about No.1 spot or Super Star status. I dont think any of these Alias means anything to the present generation. As they are concentrating on stories rather than the heros. Some good improvements i found in the regional ground as lot of young new faces performing well and also recognized.

I didnt included Bollywood in this Pin Points because, they are improved themselves a lot both in stories and technologies.

Will discuss about the differences of regional world separately.

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